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View Thread: Hey Channel 9 and Microsoft Staff I have an idea for you
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    , figuerres wrote

    Microsoft: this might be a way to try and turn some lemons into some Lemonade ! 

    Take the energy and passion of the honest feedback and make something good come out of it! 

    That's what is.

    I think perhaps the best way for this to resolve itself is for the people writing the threads hating at Win8/VS2012/lack of gadget sidebar in Win8/etc to realize that those threads are only even vaguely interesting when they're new. At the point where everyone is aware that you hate Win8, nobody cares anymore that you write another thread saying that you hate it. We get it. The start menu is gone. Get over it.

    C9 isn't really suited to bi-directional feedback on products. It's a place to learn why and how Microsoft does something, rather than complain that Microsoft does something. And when the threads get too high on the latter, the people who were giving information about the former get bored and leave, and you're left with a forum that is just a husk and a shadow of its former self.

    At the point where you're here to complain rather than here to learn, it's time to leave.