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View Thread: Hey Channel 9 and Microsoft Staff I have an idea for you
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    , evildictait​or wrote


    We get it. The start menu is gone. Get over it.

    I know you don't speak for Microsoft but it's this sort of attitude that just keeps people that disagree responding again and again. Instead of adding more coals to the fire why not say "we've discussed the start menu to death. Let's move on."

    That said it really does feel like the attitude in your response is the attitude coming from Microsoft. I haven't seen much from Microsoft in terms of an olive branch being offered to either developers or users for the issues they've unapologetically created. I could understand their attitude if their stuff was superior but it's not. It's like they can make up the difference by injecting attitude. As Stcott said they seem fine with shedding some from the user base:

    , ScottWelker wrote


    Me thinks false hope. I believe MS have a different process in mind and they are really not interested such ideas. As a (very, very, very small-scale) developer myself, I can't imagine having to deal with such a broad-ranging, diverse user base. It feels MS have made a decision to go ahead a shed some business and 'techie/tinkerer type' customers in pursuit of the consumer marketplace. ...but, that's just me :-/

    Scott I agree but I believe Microsoft is underestimating the number of those being shed. On the other side of the equation IMO they aren't winning over consumers because they offer nothing better than what's already out there. So they have a great laptop replacement story in the Surface Pro and the like... great but that doesn't necessarily win them anything in the consumer space where the iPad is more of what people are looking for. IMO the Courier would have been a better bet. On Surface RT they could have had a great product for students but they screwed it up by not including a digitizer and a more fully featured version of OneNote. That's what kills me about Microsoft; they have the ability to just totally nail it but instead they accept mediocrity and expect their customers to do the same.