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View Thread: Hey Channel 9 and Microsoft Staff I have an idea for you
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    Start a new forum here or on a new site for telling Microsoft what the poster things is wrong with the given MS product.  The idea is that if the coffeehouse is not the right place you now have a place you can direct the posts to.

    Also if done right it might even be a way to turn some of the complaints into useful feedback for MS to use in fixing problems.

    not saying the second item will be easy to do or will it even work in the real world but it might be worth trying out.

    I do think that some of the posts made here have been from folks who wanted to tell MS something about what they saw as a bad idea or wrong direction, and I think the hope is that someone working for MS might read the post and act on it.   that may be a false hope but the idea is right,  that there should be some place to tell MS what we think and to get MS to at least take a look at the post.

    I know there are some channels to do this but I think very few folks know about them and several of them are limited to only a few select users.

    The Key is to have a way to find the really good feedback posts and filter out the "I hate MS" posts.

    Why this different place and not just the tell folks to go to the "Product " boards.   Many folks I think see them as a dead end for a complaint, that most of the topics will be ignored or get a "sorry that is not how this works" kind of reply. But the OP wants to get the feedback to the folks who will think about making a change in the next version of the product.  Also I think during for example the windows 8 beta that a lot of feedback for changes in it were ignored by MS even when they were common to many beta test users.  If  folks are trying to tell MS that they feel that a change needs to be made and if that post seems to be well meant then telling the poster "go away" or that they are some how bad / wrong / trolling etc... In many cases only makes the poster more negative about MS and how they handle critical comments.  How does that help in the end?   It really hurts MS if that poster starts out as someone who had a positive view of MS.

    Microsoft: this might be a way to try and turn some lemons into some Lemonade ! 

    Take the energy and passion of the honest feedback and make something good come out of it!