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View Thread: Hey Channel 9 and Microsoft Staff I have an idea for you
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    That's why I think a more targeted website like a Win8taskforce would be good. It would be a place where people can suggest and vote on what changes need to be made to Windows 8 to make it acceptable. At the moment most people (yes, a majority but not everyoen) are agreeing that it's only useful on touch devices and with a few changes to the UI it cold be just as good as Win7 for us non-touchscreen users.
    I have yet to see anyone store employee that feels right selling a non-touch computer to anyone if it has Win8 installed on it. That's one more step towards making Windows an irrelevant product and unfortunately it also reflects badly on Window Phone 8 because to the average user it looks like the same OS (even though WP8 is actually very nice to use).

    Do you all remember Long Zheng's
    It's was organized and developed solely for figuring out which changes most of us thought needed to be made. I know Long thinks it wasn't much but I think it actually made a difference because complaining on forums doesn't help at all.