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View Thread: Hey Channel 9 and Microsoft Staff I have an idea for you
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    , longzheng wrote


    Currently I don't have the time or drive to do this for free and Microsoft already pays a lot of money to companies like UserVoice (where they host their Windows Phone feature requests and other products), so I can't really convince anyone to fund any future development.

    I figured it would be allot of work and you really don't have time for it like you might  have back in the Vista days.

    Figuerres has a good idea that Channel 9 could be able to take this on since they have the resources and the original point of C9 was to give MS a way to communicate with enthusiasts and geeks like us.

    Maybe Charles etc. can give us their opinion?

    I wouldn't want just another open forum full of spam. I'm thinking of a well organized list of feature changes we think need fixing, opinions on how to fix them and a way to vote on how important we think they are.
    Of course I'm talking UI changes here. Narrowing it down to just UI will at least help keep this from getting messy.