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Hi All ... it's been awhile!

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    ... so I thought I would pop-up and have a look-see at what you've all done to the place, since I was last here in '10! Wow, that's a long time!

    Anyway, now I'm not travelling around the world building PowerStations (which was fun but knackering!) I've got a new role back in the UK in a new industry, as I fancied a complete change and my old company wasn't doing so well.

    As some of you may remember I was a bit of film-buff, now I'm lucky enough to have a great role in the Film industry.

    One of my roles is looking after a team of Developers and it's not been goodness for these guys, there is plenty in old VB circa 1997 so it's time for them to get right uptospeed. So, I thought I needed to get uptospeed myself with what Good looks like today ... and where better than hanging around here to do that!

    So howdy everyone! Been a while ... Big Smile

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    nice to see your old mug - just stopped in mee-self Wink


    edit: me-sewf

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    You will find that the pace of change is frenetic and everyone has their own technology favourites (Mine for instance is anything based around XAML). 

    Welcome back and best of luck!

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    Dr Herbie

    Hi Sabot!

    The Coffeehouse hasn't changed that much -- just some of the names are different.  Still a lot of trolling and flaming between the various different camps. Still lots of bad jokes (you're welcome).

    Film industry sounds exciting -- is it, or is it just the same old stuff with with film industry jargon?


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    Must admit film industry has always appealed.  I had a part as an extra in BBC's Henry V last year and had a real blast (And, ahem,  now that I have that experience under my belt I feel I am ready to be an A-lister ...)

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    Gosh, I love developer politics, amazing so much going on in the world, death, war and famine ... and developers get upset and emotional about stuff no-one else sees. It's actually very endearing that these things can produce so much passion.

    However, perspective is always required and maybe this is can be my gift to the Coffeehouse again!



    Celebrities aren't my favourite creature, I feel Science and Scientists positively contribute more to our society. However entertainment is a necessary evil to keep the body and mind refreshed.

    I love film because it is the art form that shows exactly how powerful the human imagination can be. I'm always astonished by what people dream up next, there really is no limit now. Even the laws of physics are regularly broken in Films.

    I'm actually working in Cinema! Not serving pop-corn but helping a chain in the UK making the experience much nicer, easier and more enjoyable.

    People still Love Films and with the introduction of Netflix and LoveFilm, people have fallen in love with Films again and have actually helped increase attendances, it is a night out, or something easy to do with the kids.

    My role is far less about solving the worlds energy problems which my old role was about and more about enjoying myself again after what has been a tough few years.


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    Good to see your still about, though I rarely visit these parts much anymore myself. Currently working on an internal app with VS2010, SQL2005, EF4 and WPF. Which is cutting edge here in a sea of VB6 and dBase apps! At least I can watch Build and dream....

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    Still lurking, running my own development teams now, on small and big projects, enjoying it immensely (for now).

    Most businesses are employing .NET developers to create intranets or systems that manage their operations, so even though uptake of XAML like WPF and Silverlight is talked of as obsolescent by nascent troll developers here on 9 that favor the web, VB6 and .NET are still doing admirably well, if I could have 48 hours a day, I would not find it hard to get another job.

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