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    Maddus Mattus

    , Bas wrote

    I have a netduino lying around. I wanted to get into that sort of stuff but I quickly found that I don't have enough knowledge of electronics. I then bought this book to learn the basics, but found that there's quite a steep learning curve between really basic stuff like Ohm's law and more advanced things. Also, I then realised that if I bought all the things I needed for the experiments in the book I'd have to spend hundreds of euro's.

    If you need anything, I have a community college and a bachelors degree in electronics Wink

    Also I was blowing up LED's like crazy for some reason.

    Too much current,.

    Say you have 5V output, a LED (which is basically a diode) takes 0,6V. You are left with 4,4V. Your LED probably needs about 20mA. So you need a resistor to limit the current.

    4.4V / 20mA = 220 Ohm resistor would do the trick.

    It's too bad, I still have a bunch of ideas I want to try out. There's something fun about the idea of seeing your stuff work "for real" instead of just on a computer screen.

    Run them by me, always fun to tinker!