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Hobby electronics programming

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    Blue Ink

    , Maddus Mattus wrote

    @Blue Ink:

    Digital electronics is not that hard, it's either 0, 1 or an illegal value.

    Analog electronics is HARD.

    Yes, digital electronics is easy and fun, on paper. Physical circuits will never miss the opportunity to remind you that there's a difference between abstractions and reality. To the uninitiated even a using a simple voltage regulator or a transistor can be a challenge. The internet made a difference, with the availability of datasheets and reference designs, but the first steps are still hard.

    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    I hear you, I've moved to software development as well since there are few jobs in electronics.

    Funny, I did the opposite. I started off as a Software Engineer and then went to the "hard side". Firmware is still software, just a lot more interesting as you cannot get closer to the metal than that.

    Decades later I'm still caught as a software developer at heart, though: apparently I use too may LEDs in my circuits (it's for debugging purposes, I swear) and my firmware tends to abstract the hardware away too much. Still plenty of time to learn how to do it right.

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    I wonder if you could use an Arduino and then write an application for a PC to control the machine?

    This example controls two relays from a PC software application:

    And this one reads a temperature sensor (maybe you can switch the machine off when the ice cream is cold enough?):

    They both use the Processing language for the PC application and an Arduino.

    Just my 2c worth Smiley

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