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How can I remove PDF password?

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    Hi guys, recently I've got a really annoying problem at work. Some of my PDFs can not be copyed, edited or printed. I know that's because they're secured but how can I remove the password? Any idea to work out the problem?

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    The best way is to contact the person who gave you the PDF and ask them for an unrestricted one.

    PDF DRM is there for a reason - the best way to get round it is to get the author to not DRM it in the first place.

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    sometimes though it's really stupid....

    i recently have been working on interfacing to a special printer for a KIOSK / Point of sale machine.

    the technical docs are PDF's that have bit's of sample code and define const values and the printer mfg does not supply an SDK with code, and they DRM'ed the pdf so you can not just copy and paste the sample code out.

    really dumb -  you need to help the developer code for the hardware if you want to sell much of it!

    so in that case i just goggled for a web site that would strip the DRM off.

    from having already spoke with the tech support for the hardware i knew there was no way they would help me out, or at least the way they handled a phone call gave that impression.

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    @figuerres: I don't know, maybe they think that using a text-to-speech reader to read the text back to speech recognition programs to writing the sample in your code is doable? *joke*

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    Contacting the person, who gave you the PDF and ask him to give you a unristricted copy, have a nice side effect. He might stop putting password on his PDF's in the future, or better yet, sending you .Docx files next time around...

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