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How do I do this on Skype?

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    Ok, I kind of wanna know if I can use Skype Metro instead. Basically I want it to launch SKype Metro automatically since it is an IM. And since I don't need it full screen, I want it to be opened on my left monitor and  left side of that monitor. How do I do that automatically so I don't have to manually split the monitor? And is there a way to automatically make it appear on the left side of screen again if I hide Skype Metro temporarily?

    You know, similar to how I hide Skype desktop by clicking close or use desktop button. And when I click the icon on the taskbar, it unhide at exact same position so I don't need to set its position and size again.

    Basically the following,

    1. Launch Skype Metro automatically.
    2. Launch/Unhide Skype Metro on specific side of the monitor (and specific monitor in multi-monitor situation) when I press the tile.


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