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View Thread: How do I download Grantophone for Win8?
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    That's good to know Grant.
    Maybe I'll try installing Win8 again when that happens.
    I sure hope you're thinking of adding MIDI in and out support to Grantophone Smiley

    The third time I used my new install of Win8 I took a Windows update, restarted and it never booted up again.
    I have Win8 installed on another harddrive and my motherboard has a boot loader built in (I can choose which drive I want to boot from without using software boot loaders) but whenever I would boot into Win8 then go back to Win7, CHKDSK would find all kinds of errors on both the Win8 and Win7 drive "Deleting index entry", "replacing invalid security id with default ....." etc when the drives are obviously both fine. It's just too dangerous for me to mess with at the moment because if I don't skip the CHKDSK it messes up the files instead of fixing them.

    , kotsoft wrote

    Hi, I just checked it out. I haven't changed the countries list recently so it looks like quite a few have been left out. I will change it with the next update as well as make it available on RT.