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View Thread: How long will Windows 8, the terrible, last? Any bets?
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    Of course if you actually raised that as a legitimate complaint, rather than just "all Metro is wrong", people might actually pay attention.

    And with that lie I'm done. If you're so despirate to make your point you'll just make stuff up there's no point to this discussion. Here are some of my words that you so easily cast aside.

    "Don't get me wrong: I think there's a place for metro but Microsoft has to show some flexibilty and fix a few things with it before it provides the same capabilities as the desktop does today."

    That doesn't sound at all like the statement you attrtubuted to me above. Nice fail Andy. At least I'm man enough to admit when I screw up.

    Cbae, you have much more patience that I; my hat's off to ya.