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View Thread: How the Microsoft Courier project got canned
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    , Bass wrote

    Why did Bill Gates get involved after the fact? Should leadership get involved before the project even starts?

    Simple: Balmer is a salesman oh and also a coward with a capitol P. That's why he should be fired. He has no vision.

    Too bad about Allard & Bach. That was talent Microsoft could ill afford to loose.

    So once again instead of trying to be innovative they cower to Windows & Office.

    Most of the time I use my W8 tablet from Build as my PC companion -- rarely using it to do any real work. Allard had it right. The shame of it is that W8 ARM won't have the desktop so it won't be able to do much more that Allard's Courier anyway (and a lot less than Courier in many respects). Funny how they didn't make that connection. They suggest Courier's goodies will be used elsewhere but I suspect they have hit the shredder just like Allard's innovative studios that closed. IMO, there's just too many politics in Microsoft; the "not inverted here" syndrome runs strong (WinDiv vs. DevDiv anyone?). Wink

    The comparisons to the Zune aren't accurate. The Zune was late to market and was an also-ran product offering little new functionality (squirting was it if I recall). Courier was a new tablet metaphor unlike anything else on the market.

    Once again Microsoft game plan: come late to the market with an also-ran product.