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View Thread: How the Microsoft Courier project got canned
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    Very interesting reading.

    It does occur to me that potentially the Courier could still be pulled off: get an OEM or two to produce the dual screen hardware (didn't one OEM produce a laptop similar to this last year?), refactor the Courier software experience to Windows 8 and you'd have a pretty good 'premium product' built on top of Windows RT. I'd buy one... I would imagine that the battery life and weight of a dual screen laptop like that would suck though.

    Wouldn't be suprised if Microsoft or a.n.other company take some of the courier ideas and principles and produce something nifty for Windows 8 tablets with it, even if it's initially for single screen tablets. Merge some of the principles with a future version of One Note for windows tablets and you could have something neat, useful and more importantly, something that the iPad doesn't do very well - content creation...

    If not - Microsoft should release the software as an open source developer challenge - get some interest around the community in taking it and getting WinRT developers to do something cool with it - never going to happen though....