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    Your app has serious advertising issues. I've read the description and seen the screenshots and really have no idea what the game might be like. The description is confusing as hell.     

    The award-winning game Bubblebreak combines several concepts of classic arcade games in an innovative way.
    Don't care. Why is this the first line? I'm tempted just to stop reading here. 
    Unlike the models BubbleBreak has a circular playing field without walls.
    Unlike the models? What? What are "the models?"  
    Bubbles can be shot from any direction into the bunch in the center.
    Seems straight forward enough. 
    The color of the shot Bubble can always be selected by the player.
    What role do the colours play? 
    If three or more bubbles are getting connected, they pop out of the bunch and fly around. Then they can be thrown back into the playing field.
    So if three or more are connected they fly out and then are put back into the playing field? What is the point in that? Aren't we just back where we started? 
    As soon as all colored bubbles are abolished the level is completed.

    Wait so colours are back? And I thought after I destroyed bubbles they reappear? How would that ever result in "all coloured bubbles [being] abolished?" 
    It gets harder after each level, because then the player has one Bubble less to shoot or another color is added.
    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! What is the purpose of the colours and now I have limited amount of bubbles to shoot even though the above suggests the amount on the field is infinite?  
    Many different level-designs and collectable specials keeps the game interesting.
    But all of the screenshots show identical circular levels... Also what do the specials do? What purpose do they serve?    
    Also why is this game in Trivia? And what is it the screenshots are meant to convey to me?