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View Thread: How to disable IE9's Pinned Sites "feature"
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    , SoapSudz wrote

    Sorry.... the link that you give DOES NOT change the behavior.  All it does is remove the menu option of adding the site as a 'pinned' item.  If you are someone who drags website URLs to your desktop, and want it to save the file as an actual link INSTEAD of a .website pinned site, then all you have to do is...   CLICK AND HOLD THE SHIFT KEY when you drag the file.  It will save a URL link instead of the .website link - which causes all sorts of other problems when you click on it.

    Thanks.  That tip about "CLICK AND HOLD THE SHIFT KEY while drag/dropping" is good to know.  It's not all that discoverable.  I think the IE team should implement Right-Button-Click-Drag, so on the drop a context menu is displayed giving options of whether to create a pinned site shortcut or a regular internet shortcut (and they should support Right-Button-Click-Drag/Drops for picture links, where the context menu would give options for creating a .url file, a .website file, or a picture file; currently, as has been the case for years, drag/dropping a picture link creates a .url file with no option to create a picture file).

    And I have to correct the first post where it says that drag-dropping a url from the address bar to the desktop creates a ".website file that doesn't save the actual url but instead the root of the site (and the root's page title)".  I've not seen that.  Every .website file I've created is a link to the actual page whose URL was dragged rather than the root of the site.

    Lastly, if one opens a .url and .websiite file in notepad, one can see that the .website file conatins information that is a superset of the info contained in a .url file.  So, I speculated that one could change the extention of a .website file from ".website" to ".url" so that double-clicking it will produce the old "Internet Shortcut" file behavior.  I tested that, and it seems to work.  That would "fix" any old .website files that one had created when one would've rather created a .url file.  Web shortcuts created henceforth would be best using the "CLICK AND OLD THE SHIFT KEY" solution whenever one wants a .url rather than a .website file.