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How to disable Staggered Idiocy (aka Staggered spin-up)?

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    I think I have a bit of PSU headroom, maybe 400w in excess of what I need at peak.

    Yet for some reason, now that I made a mirrored volume, when I open the volume, the HDDs in the mirror spin up one at a time.

    Apparently the only way to fix this is to either to have a dedicated SATA controller for each drive or physically jam something in the hdd power connector next to pin 11, which should bridge it to ground and disable the staggered spin up. I haven't yet tested it but since it's either open (enabled) or tied to gnd, it should work.

    Personally I think much easier solution (for me) would be if Microsoft failed the WHQL for devices where the OS can't control this functionality. Also the OS should have utilization etc stats from the PSU that could indicate whether the PSU has been maxed out at some point or has possible failing capacitors. The parts to implement this functionality won't cost anything as the gold/platinum etc ATX PSU is already full of similar circuitry. But I'm not willing to install manufacturer specific drivers to get such stats, so Microsoft should create some sort of standard HDD & PSU "S.M.A.R.T replacement" to get hw reliability & diagnostic information in a way that no 3rd party drivers are needed and with some set of standardized diagnostic values.

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    According to that, there are some software commands to control the staggered spin-up.. maybe, depending on the drive etc. I haven't seen anything suggesting Windows 7 would allow to attempt use of those though.

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    You could ditch the spinning rust.


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