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How to install windows 8???

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    I need to know how to install Windows 8 from windows 7 because when i try to do it the proper way it says something about the dvd drivers and i cant find them. Or is there a way to fix this? i am fairly new by the way!!

    Thanks in advance 

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    Best way is probably to use VMware Player and put it in a virtual machine. It's a Dev Preview anyways, which is pretty much alpha software(beta comes out in February I think).

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    Without more information, I'm guessing that you either don't have a dual layer DVD writer or a dual layer blank DVD,


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    Beta release date has yet to be set, but internally at Microsoft the generally accepted way to run Windows8 is on hyper-V. The dev-preview was specifically tweaked to also work on VMWare workstation, but it works better on Hyper-V.

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    True but regular Joe doesn't have access to a systems department that can make up virtual machines to remote into Smiley

    Which we're doing here so hopefully we can start on a Win8 project soon. *kicks systems*

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    Strongest man deploy only on metal .

    I hate virtual machine.

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    I am pretty sure there were talk about having issues on VMware, so, that's skip that first.

    You can simply install it using Win7. No need for extra driver because you are using Win7. Just run the DVD you burned after you boot up your Win7, and press setup.exe to have the pretty installation GUI. Be sure to backup your PC before this, because your Win7 will be replaced.

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    I installed it on a separate drive with my main Win7 drive disconnected so no stupid boot loaders got installed. Because I didn't have a blank dual layer DVD I just put it all on a 16GB SD card and installed it off that. My motherboard gives me a list of all connected drives if I press F8 at startup so I can choose what to boot from.

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