OK, Got myself a Fitbit and made a tentative start - looking to loose a couple of stone over the next six months or so.  Going to spend a few days getting familiar with it then get the wife on board (nothing like a bit of competition).

Like it so far! (1 days use).  I figure I am in the honeymoon period and will be for a few more days - then it might get tough!

It comes with a great food logger so that has pushed me towards a calorie counting approach.  I like that I appear to get a measurable win from eating less and another from exercising more, and that I can see the results in real time using the FitBit.

Would like to see some way of showing and maybe contrasting 2 different FitBits (mine and the wife's) - think there might be something in the UI but haven't tried it yet.

Wish me luck ....