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How to loose weight (if you are a geek)

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    Something else that has helped me is to use a calorie counter app (something like Livescape).  You would be amazed at how fast the calories add up.  You don't have to use it forever.  Just until you learn how much you should be eating.  When I used it I noticed that I snacked less partially because it was a slight hassle to enter the information. Tongue Out

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    I dont eat wheat or dairy, i neither lose weight nor gain weight. when i began with this (allergy's) i lost quite a bit. going from i was 12 stone (76 kilos (167 pounds)). i have been like this for quite some time and now weigh a much lower number. give it a go.

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    Cut out sodas and beer. Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Start exercising. This doesn't have to mean going to a gym. It could be switching from driving to biking, or parking in the farthest spot, or going out for walks in the warmer months. I started biking to work (bout 8 miles each way) and I am in noticeably better shape. Resting heart rate is 65 and my legs look like tree trunks.

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    , spivonious wrote

    This doesn't have to mean going to a gym.

    Actually, working out with weights is a very efficient way of increasing metabolic rate, and hence burning more calories 24/7, and twice a week (perhaps 3 times if you find that you really enjoy it) is usually more than enough for the average person. 

    Forget any illusions about it making you into another Arnold - that ain't happening - but improved muscle tone and strength, has significant health benefits for sedentary workers.

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    Losing weight is not what you should worry about, its maintaining your new weight. 3 years ago I managed to lose over 40 Kg over a time frame of 10 months. The only way I managed to do that was by lots of workout and changing my whole life style. Unfortunately, the new style always got disrupted, lots of work, family responsibilities, less time to workout.. and the worst part was when I started looking back at food as a steam blower, it was my reward system. I did not manage to keep my weight and starting gaining more and more every month, I gained 20 Kg in less than a year! 

    I am trying to catch up again but just never had the time or will to control myself..!

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    What a great thread Smiley

    I hike regularly and work out at a boxing gym.  Hitting the bag is an awesome workout.  I lifted weights for many years, now that I'm older I think the cardio is better. 

    If you want to hike with a group go to  Maybe there are some hiking groups where you live.

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    OK, Got myself a Fitbit and made a tentative start - looking to loose a couple of stone over the next six months or so.  Going to spend a few days getting familiar with it then get the wife on board (nothing like a bit of competition).

    Like it so far! (1 days use).  I figure I am in the honeymoon period and will be for a few more days - then it might get tough!

    It comes with a great food logger so that has pushed me towards a calorie counting approach.  I like that I appear to get a measurable win from eating less and another from exercising more, and that I can see the results in real time using the FitBit.

    Would like to see some way of showing and maybe contrasting 2 different FitBits (mine and the wife's) - think there might be something in the UI but haven't tried it yet.

    Wish me luck ....

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    OK, 6lbs lost so far - happy with that and have ended up on the 5:2 diet which seems to suit me the best (I don't like diets). 

    I guess this was inevitable

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    I had a post that was laden with snark, but I decided I'd spare myself the brutal punishment of followup responses. Wink

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