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How to run 32 bit Windows with 8 GB so that PageFile is located in upper half of 8 GB?

I have 32 bit Windows installed for some specific reasons but I find that without pagefile the memory runs out too soon and I don't want the pagefile on SSD and I don't want it on HDD either. I want it in the un-used 4 GB that's after the 32 bit address space.

How do I do that?


e: I don't mind if the page file is also written to the HDD simultaneously as long as it isn't read from there as that's when I find the system to crawl, not when Windows writes to it.

the page file is on DISK STORAGE the last time I recall ... so how can you "put in in memory" anywhere ???   OK so you create a ram disk .... and now when that runs out of space you are back with the same problem ....  a very poor answer if you ask me ....