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View Thread: How to run 32 bit Windows with 8 GB so that PageFile is located in upper half of 8 GB?
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    , androidi wrote

    These 64 bit replies should be truncated as this was about using 32 bit OS.

    I have both 64  & 32 bit installs and I use the latter for stuff that I have found to not work satisfactorily in 64 bit Windows 7. I just find that it starts to crawl after I have lot of IE's opened and it's paging things. One iexplore.exe, 7 million page faults...

    What doesn't work satisfactorily in 64-bit Windows 7 on your 8GB machine? Hopefully you are aware that 64-bit Windows can run every 32-bit applications that your 32-bit Windows 7 can :/

    Also the reason people give you the "use a 64-bit OS" answer is because lots of people are using 32-bit OSes due to misbeliefs about compatibility or performance of 64-bit OSes or out of stubbornness (e.g. I like 32-bit XP - therefore I will wipe my new Win7x64/64GB machine and install XP and then get mad that XP/32 can't use my new device properly).

    If you didn't want responses about 64-bit you should have posted your reason why a 64-bit OS wasn't an acceptable solution, to at least show that you had considered it.