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How to sell Windows 8 (and phone and tablets)

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    Hello long time windows user. Thank you for your patronage. 

    You know all that stuff - that we've been putting into Windows - that you turn off, dont use, ignore, collapse, hide, uninstall? put it back like the old WIndows you were used too?

    Well - guess what - if you actually USE all that "dumb" stuff now - it finally works.


    The win8 MS account log in - you hated that right? ignored it?  GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN. it actually works.

    Outlook and PST files and lost contacts and lost auto-completes on re-install - say goodbye to them all - use (unLIMITED storage - no more 5 gig pst files USB files systems cant handle) - oh and it is free.

    My Documents (now Documents) The folder you loved to hate "im not using that dumb folder on c drive - ill change it to my own folder (now works with skydrive) Your desktop wallpaper etc distributed.

    so basically - an ad about - all those things - we ALL hated you added - that we turn off when installing - the ad is TURN IT ON

    they work now!

    seamless.   and bring back name metro


    MIcrosoft METRO - all devices - turn it on




    ps - click here to download metro for android

    click here to download metro for iphone/pad

    * includes Office - sign up today after your 6 month trial

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    i would load metro for android on my tablet - and on torys iphone


    * and yes we'd need to get the genesis song too Wink

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    oh - and METRO is BACK is also an ad.  "Its Metro" not retro -

    It's back jack! DO IT AGAIN

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    ps: is BETTER than outlook


    how (tf) did that happen??? Wink

    dont shut it down!!!

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    so basically:

    - everyone already has iphones and android - offer free metro experience -that takes over the UI's of said devices

    - and -

    - Windows modern UI or whatever god awful name that was - forget it - pay the piper for metro. buy the stupid little company for the name if you have too

    Metro - free - with office - 6 months - see your iphone properly!

    *edit : oh sh&^ idiot boy just bought a phone company 

    he will want to keep winphone exclusive to his controlled platform - not set it free!



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    err... sorry - i hate thinking about steveb...

    so - to end on a positive note...  what do you think 9ers?

    - is it even possible to make metro (the graphics and style + the online parts) work on other platforms?

    - is the idea workable? (all the stuff we never used - turned off - works now - and its great!)

    They say people dancing on tables didnt work. so what would work?  i was blown away when i actually USED all the things ive always turned OFF



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    Metro Commercial 2:

    Programmers on a submarine - metro ui on all the screens showing what sub is doing - horns go off - "baaap  baaap baaaap"

    captain! we have a problem with the main computer!

    What is the problem! (yelling - water spurting)

    sir - it appears - that we've - (noise) made it too easy sir

    captain (noise) what!? did you say

    Crew Yes sir too easy - we need to make it less easy sir!

    Captain - HOW! water / noise)

    Crew member 1: well first - we need to let our long time users know that there is still a desktop. still a c drive. that almost everything ever released for windows still works and works better and faster.. ( most noise stops - water still spurting)

    captain - fair enough - but we're sinking man what else can we do!?

    crew man 2 -  well sir all the things people hated and turned off - they work now - from phones to tablets to desktops - one ui that knows what you did on the others! and travels with you!

    captain - well why didnt you say so! (grabs mike) all hands full stop on making things easy. We've made them too easy - i repeat - too easy

    Loud noise - camera shakes... 

    captain - whats happend

    crew 1 - it appears we've ... crashed sir

    captain (to camera) the party my friend - JUST the party

    (zoom out to sub on lawn of mansion on lake big party/win-ding)


    voice over - windows Metro - not the same ol same ol


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    so that positioning makes "metro" the distributable.  office the carrot and - the past "funny / but ya look - were friggin windows ok - 90% cough cough

    sort of new - repentive but cool

    * i may have made up 2 words above not sure Wink

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    THIS is how you sell Windows 8 (and Surface RT). Watch and learn, Microsoft.

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    Part 2. I've been using Windows 8 since RTM, and I'm just finding out about this out-of-the-box capability now.

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    agreed - they are a great PRODUCT- as both videos show - but thats not been working?

    my commercials would be better than the dancing guys lol


    love programmer sub on the lawn one Wink

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    do you ever watch the show The Pitch?


    my pitch is:

    "Too Easy"


    "Turn it on"

    *both of which hinge on reclaiming the name of your winning idea - metro

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    speaking of the pitch - if you watched yesterday - the company that lost - had actually come up with the other companies winning idea - and threw it away

    "just because" (won) (for 1800 flowers) They went with the cute - "make your presents felt" (lost)

    i knew theyd lose. 


    man - the people in those agencies...

    <adrian belew> double talk... double talk...</belew> i really do - do this for a iving and my office is NOTHING like those fake ones  (mines a pig sty!) Wink

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    @cbae:  Agreed, those videos are excellent.  I saw the first one a few days ago and didn't realize until then that I forgot the external monitor and keyboard/mouse capabilities.

    And I can count on one finger the number of times I've even tried the "Devices" charm.  I didn't realize it could push to Xbox 360... neat.


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    * remember norm? the sign guy i used to talk about? who showed me 1280 resolution? and 80 meg syquests? and networked windows for workgroups 3.11?


    he would LOVE "too easy" - he talks about windows like they keep dumbing it down

    just showing that a 30? year windows user - who would love that  ("bout time they stopped dumbing it down - hey i like this anywhere thing") </norm>  Wink


    edit - sometimes the choir needs preaching to


    EDIT 2: if above seems like it is not really your targeted demographic you are correct. It mainly addresses the people that used windows forever and helped build your company.

    but maybe - once your long time users stop cursing you - the younger ones will stop looking for alternatives



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    you just have to clear up any old misunderstandings

    it is your new GENESIS  lol

    edit/ps   i hate genesis - but it works Wink

    at least there are Windows on the cover - even if they are open  Tongue Out

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    Ion Todirel

    gradients Wink

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    "Hi this is Phil Collins for Windows Metro. I once traveled on the Concord between 2 concerts half a world away in 2 hours. I do that now in Metro in 2 seconds"

    <off topic> and the lamb - lies down...  sorry just liked that one


    OK - IM DONE Smiley

    *cant wait to hear all the great ideas from sven and blowdart - how would you promote win / metro / phone / tab guys!  ?  cant WAIT to hear your IDEAS

    "goon squad - theyre going to look you over and theyre giving you the eye"

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