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View Thread: Huge speed improvements in Windows 8 unindexed folder/file-name search
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    Just kidding, don't get your hopes up! Instead, while I was aware of closed source NTFS MFT search tools existing, I just became aware of completely open source MFT search tool - and while I haven't gone through every line I did some testing and cursory look at the source and I can atleast verify that it does what I expect.

    Two issues I found:

    1) It won't open physical volumes without assigned drive letters without some changes

    2) Since it's not meant to run at background or as service, updates require re-read of the MFT. Which can last few seconds. Beats the minutes wait for explorer search. Of course you might ask why my indexing isn't enabled. 1) It can run on the background even when I'm doing latency sensitive stuff as it's not too wise on what's user input and what's not on some external bus 2) Haven't tested lately but it used to get stale with quickly updating files.


    - 1 TB hdd with million files can be searched in couple seconds (under 10) without background indexing using this tool

    - It takes explorer several MINUTES to do that without background indexing.

    (compiles fine with 2008 after changing the .ico name and removing the intermed. manifest)