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View Thread: I admit it, I just don't get the smart-phone thing
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    So, after many years of satisfactory use, my trusty Nokia 6310 GSM phone has been upgraded to a Lumia 920.

    Fortunately, work is paying for it, as I would have been quite happy to continue with my old phone until they eventually switch off the GSM service.

    Anyway, my impressions after a few weeks... Meh!

    Ok, I know that work wants me to access my exchange email 24/7 (as if) and be able to do other 'modern' stuff with it, but seriously... what a waste of money.

    I find that I have absolutely no desire to find 'apps' for it, I feel no need for mapping and/or navigation services (I'm quite capable of working it out myself) and as for games... honestly, if I become so bored I need them to pass the time, please shoot me.

    As for the phone itself... large, heavy, short battery-life, long recharge time... what a bargain.

    Bottom line, I'm looking at this expensive toy sitting on my desk (doing nothing) and wondering, what the hell do most people do with these things that is actually necessary and/or useful?