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    , fanbaby wrote

    science is our only true possession. Now that I think of it, science == open-source.

    WTF? Moving on...

    Sure, social is new and whatever, but swooshy GUI HTML5-ish applications have been on the desktop for at least 15 years now (we called them "applications"), and most of the other websites are just faster and more convenient glorified catalogs or blog-o-twits giving their opinions to the nobody that cares on the Internet.

    Don't get me wrong - the Internet is a big revolution (also: please don't mistake the Internet for the web - the Internet stack is pretty innovative, fast and well designed. The web on the other hand is utter crap - HTTP, HTML, Javascript and CSS have been holding back the web for literally years). 

    Don't confuse the difference between now and twenty years ago as being mainly "because of the web". It just isn't. It's mainly because of Windows making computers easy to use and affordable and in your living room in the 1990s and Apple putting a supercomputer with Internet connectivity in your pocket in the 2000s.