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I can't spellcheck the main body of my forum posts anymore

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    Does anyone else here use the Google Toolbar in IE8? Can you reproduce this problem?


    I always use the Google Toolbar spellchecker before I post someting on C9 but with the new forums the Google spellchecker doesn't work anymore. It's the first site I've seen that doesn't work with it. It checks the "Title" box but it doesn't work on the
    body of the message. All I get is a blank text box.

    Oops, I see there's a Site Feedback section. I guess I should have posted this there.

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    Unhelpful but Firefox's spellchecker continues to work.

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    @ManipUni:Does it stick now? For me it always used to turn it's off again between posts.

    (And just tried - no. Is it just me getting this?)

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