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    I am disappointed that the term "Calculus" was never mentioned to me all throughout my high school years. I took Physics 12, Math 12 H, Chem 12, and equations were just thrown at us to memorize and learn to manipulate algebraically, but no mention of where or how such equations / formulas came about. No mention of deferential equations or calculus. I do not understand why.

    I graduated, with honors, in 1978. I learned Calculus, or perhaps I should say studied it a couple of years later when I went to university. However, it wasn't until about 10 years ago that I began studying Calculus, and studied it intensely, daily, for 6 years or so (with a few excursions between cover to cover studies of my 1,000 page calculus book, to read a 1,000 page physics book and a strength of materials book)

    This calculus study was sparked by my need to understand the topic of "The Finite Element Method". After studying said topic for 2 months, still nothing of what I studied made any sense. The appendix of vectors and matrixes, a fundamental topic for studying FEM, was the last straw that "forced" me to finally study the calculus. It has changed my world.


    Question to C9ers: Is calculus mentioned in high school today?