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View Thread: I love you, Kinect.
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    @Ian2: sheer force of will.

    @Sven: heh, I've seen that chair in so many places. When I first got my Roomba it got stuck on the legs, so I figured that seeing how many of those chairs I've seen, there must be someone else out there with a Roomba/PoƤng combination, and sure enough as soon as I had typed "Roomba poa" in Google a whole bunch of threads about the problem rolled out. I love IKEA.

    @Maddus: that's so uncanny! When I saw it I thought "hey, I don't remember this picture at OH MY GOD!"

    @W3bbo: I'm using the official Kinect SDK. The RGB video is exposed as a bunch of PlanarImage objects for each frame, that you can poll or subscribe to an event that returns one as soon as it's ready. The PlanarImage isn't specific to any framework, but you can get to the bits and other data easily and convert it to whatever image format you need. It's not entirely convenient, but an extension method is easily written and it's still pretty versatile this way.

    @dentaku: I still want to clean up the code a bit, and I'm too busy this weekend, but with a bit of luck I can post something later tonight. Otherwise probably monday.

    @cbae: disco!