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I suggest you buy GLD

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    Lets see how long it takes for this post to get deleted.

    I just noticed the new option on the Win 10 start menu that gives Microsoft the right to "Occasionally show suggestions in Start".  Of course in English this means "Allow Microsoft to use your scarce physical resources at will for their own financial gain while distracting you and disrupting your workflow".

    I presume that since Microsoft feels entitled to place suggestions on my desktop at will, they will understand and accept my feeling of entitlement to place suggestions on their website.  So here goes:

    I own shares of a gold ETF that trades under the ticker GLD. Please buy shares of this fund.  When lots of people buy GLD the price goes up.  When the price goes up, I make money.

    This suggestion falls under the category of occasional since I have never put it up before.  And of course its just a suggestion.  You could also buy the other fund I own, SLV....


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    NO, all this does is show how childish you are. you can have your opinion, go right ahead but some day you may learn that this kind of post does you more harm than good.

    the only problem is you did not give us your real name.

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    Spam is still spam.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    >some day you may learn that this kind of post does you more harm than good.

    What is that supposed to mean?

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    You don't make money until you sell your shares, and you sell them for more than you paid for them, and that's not even taking inflation in mind.

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    I'm also going to add to this thread.

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    , swheaties wrote

    I just noticed the new option

    Thread is done.  That was easy!

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    I spent some time learning the markets recently and this is kind of my interpretation.

    "No way" you can lose buying at markets... well except if you go all in like these p1-5(5 persons).

    bid/ask 100/101 p1 buys at 101

    bid/ask 99/100 p2 buys at 100

    bid/ask 98/99 p3 sells at 98

    bid/ask 99.5/99.6 p4 buys at 99.6

    bid/ask 99.25/99.26 p5 ...


    Even if all of these people bought lower ("adding to loser") it doesn't really help, the clever algo they use always find a price where everyone who holds winds up holding a losing position. Even if you bought from some clueless dude, if the clueless dude decide to exit the loser, their position probably ends up with the clever algo guys and soon your profit goes away. Trend is a bunch of people holding losers thinking it can't go lower/higher.

    At this point the exchange says they add more decimals (0.01->0.001). Then next thing they add weekly, daily, hourly, minute option expiries. (the option hedging is what causes people to lose money if they hold over night and the more frequently it's done the less likely profits are - once people figured this out and started to sell options, some brokers added all sort of obstacles, fees and arbitrary margin calculations to make sure no one tries to sell options)

    That's just 2 tricks, they always invent some new trick if people find a way to quick profits to make them lose money faster should they catch up to their old tricks.

    Latest trick could be this one "Nasdaq will introduce a patent pending Retail Order process"... The only people making consistent money are the financial industry firms, brokers/market makers by nickel and diming everyone in hundreds of ways. So IMO unless one wants to be one of those, participating seems a bit pointless.

    The typical way around this is to set up a 'bucket shop' and then tell customers they cannot use bucket shop for hedging. (all while the bucket shop hedges so their customers end up losing)


    Now there may be ways to actually make money there if one is able to determine what something is really worth and have patience to wait for there to be losers to be found to the wrong side of the accumulation process. But that kind of process can take months, years and no telling how low the price can go. What is gold really worth.. .Yeah hmm. My guesstimate is that gold will go so low that many mining companies get bought up by some bigger interests and enough speculators give up on it.. etc

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    This thread serves no purpose to anyone. Please don't post something like this again.

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