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I want a multi-touch peripheral screen for Windows 8 desktops

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    I've been thinking for a while that an ideal accompaniment for a Windows 8 desktop machine would be a relatively small multi-touch screen that you can use flat on your desk to interact with metro style applications while leaving your larger 22" style monitor vertical in front of you.

    If the Metro UI only shows up on the touch screen and not on the main desktop monitor the effect will be a lot less jarring to desktop users.

    We've had USB powered screens available for several years now thanks to DisplayLink, and 10" multi-touch led lit panels are getting cheaper thanks to all the Android tablets.  So why doesn't someone make a nice 10" to 12" 1366x768 USB powered screen to use as an additional monitor?

    My requirements would be 4 - 10 finger multi-touch, 'perfect' Windows 8 driver support and few sample applications to get people started. A stylus based digitiser for handwriting recognition would be a bonus. 

    I mean, who wouldn't love a Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch, but at ~£3000 it's rather out of range of anyone who isn't a professional artist, graphic designer, or architect. A smaller version with fewer controls, levels of pressure sensitivity, and a lower quality panel shouldn't really cost more than £200. 

    I'm surprised that there don't seem to be any of these on the market at the moment, baring the cheap end Chinese offerings, (not that it probably wouldn't be made in China anyway). 

    Where is the Microsoft, or Logitech version, or even Wacom themselves with something a just a step up from the Bamboo?

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    I have this question way back when they announce Win8 CP. Win7 supports multitouch and it's released more than a year at that time, and even as of now there aren't publicly available peripheral monitor with multitouch on market.

    Even if the price would be expensive, it should still have market for high-end users.

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    Closest approximations to what I have in mind

    Mimo MagicTouch

    Except it is only 1024x600, and while the minimum for many Metro apps will be 1366x768

    Toshiba PA3923U-1LC

    Right sort of design, size and resolution, but it's not a touch screen. 

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    The AOC E1649FWU is also an Ideal form factor but is not Touch Screen. It retails for around $99 (B&H). If they could do MT for $50, it would be a winner. I tried contacting them to ask if they had one in the pipeline, no go (the staff did not really understand what I was asking). I really don't understand this. I think it would be huge.

    There are millions of desktops out there that will run Windows 8 with standard monitors and I bet most would wish they had a touchscreen.

    Someone should bring out a cheap tablet that can double as a 10" touchscreen via USB or better still wireless usb or Bluetooth v3. The software solutions for this are not great (fast enough) e.g. AirDisplay and I doubt would work with Win8. Would make a great controller for your multimedia system.

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