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A wish for global copyrights...

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    I am not against copyrights, but I think there is definitely a need for updating the rules:

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    By the way, is it legal to use a VPN to go around geo-restrictions?

    I mean, it is not illegal for a visitor to watch TV or buy DVDs when traveling physically to the US. With a VPN the provider is streaming to the original country and the visitor is "virtually" traveling to the destination... Plus almost all the time the user must have a local credit card.

    Not to mention that for a lot of content, VPNs are the only alternative to pirate streaming sites since only a few countries have a selection of shows that compares to the US (not to mention content in its original language abroad - I am talking about you XBox Video and Google Play...).

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    @giovanni: I suspect that depends on the content providers rules: If their terms say you have to be based in country x then being anywhere else is in breach of their terms.

    Morally, if you're paying for it (either up front or via ads) I don't see the problem; I can see how moral quibbles would arise from visiting, say, iPlayer that way though (although you don't actually need a TV license to use catch up within the UK so it's not like you're really depriving them of revenue (beyond increased operational costs)).

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    Well, an add supported site could be a problem because the ads might not target the right audience. Still the website is doing nothing unlawful since it is streaming in the right country...
    I don't know, but I think that this problem will be more and more present and that at some point we will have to deal with it. People travel...

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