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I work in an internal IT Dept. Is Channel 9 not for me?

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  • Vaccano

    When I say I work in an "internal IT Department", I mean that I write software for my co-employees.

    It is not consumer software.  There are no "games" to be written.  I use the Microsoft stack to write software to solve our business needs.

    I love my job.  It provides me with an Ultimate MSDN Subscription, which has always allowed me to stay on top of the latest and greatest stuff that comes out.

    But lately when I go to Channel 9 to see what I can learn I see titles like this:

    So much around games and how to get them into the app store.  The rest is around how to make other "Windows Store" apps.

    Sure there is a token item now and again about Azure (which we may use someday).

    But most of it seems decidedly targeted away from the "business" type of developer (as I described above).

    I know the latest push of Microsoft products has been in an attempt to win some of the "Consumer Pie" that is currently owned by Apple and Google.  But it would be nice to see Channel 9 do a presentation or two about something related to the enterprise developer (besides Azure).

  • kettch

    @Vaccano: There's the edge show, and a few episodes here and there that are more directed towards admins. They used to have their own site, but I don't think it had enough traffic to justify it. However, it would be nice to see more of that stuff. Some of us have to wear multiple hats.

  • PopeDai

    I'm working on something, honest!

  • Bas

    When I look at the videos posted in the last two days, I see:

    • Six videos about Lync
    • Five about Azure (five videos in two days is hardly "a token item now and again")
    • Two about TechEd
    • One about Kinect
    • One about Windows Phone development
    • One about the .NET Micro Framework
    • One about a WP game
    • One about hosting a private cloud.
    • One about Windows Store apps.

    Sounds like a good mix between consumer-targeted and enterprise-targeted stuff to me.

  • Vaccano

    , Bas wrote

    When I look at the videos posted in the last two days, I see:

    • Six videos about Lync

    From what I understand Lync is a tool my sys admins would setup...  Not really something for developers (except to use).  It would be akin to seeing something about MS Word or Powerpoint.  (Maybe these sessions are about how to dev for Lync?)

    • Five about Azure (five videos in two days is hardly "a token item now and again")

    True.  And while I think Azure is cool, I just can't get my company to go for it.  Still, I like reading and seeing stuff on it.  But there has been quite a bit about it lately.  It seems to encompass most of the presentations that are "enterprise" related.

    • Two about TechEd

    Alas, my boss says that the current tech conferences are not worth the money.  According to him they focus too much on "Metro Stuff" and do not really offer much that helps us offer better solutions to our users.

    This may be a "just me" thing.  But I doubt it.  I am betting a lot of internal software shops will be skipping the tech conferences this year (unless they are somehow going "metro")

    • One about Kinect

    Kinect is very cool.  I don't see much use for it in an office scenario, but still, very cool.

    • One about Windows Phone development

    I have a Windows Phone 8 and love it.  However, using it has made me realize even more than before that it is a "Consumer Device".  I have a hard time seeing it used in a custom enterprise scenario.

    • One about the .NET Micro Framework

    I did not see this one.  Sounds cool though.  (And could be useful for the enterprise developer.)

    • One about a WP game

    Clearly not for the enterprise developer.

    • One about hosting a private cloud.

    I hope my system admins see this one (though they will not). 

    • One about Windows Store apps.

    We can't put our stuff in the Windows Store.

    Sounds like a good mix between consumer-targeted and enterprise-targeted stuff to me.

    Maybe my definition of "Enterprise Developer" is too focused on me.  If so, that is fine.   There are lots of places that have lots of content about stuff that I can use.  I just always like to get some of it from Microsoft.

    In the past there has been stuff about things like Pex and Moles, Code Contracts, Debugger Canvas, Intellitrace, etc.  Stuff that most any .NET Developer could use. 

    This list just doesn't seem as useful.

  • PerfectPhase

    If the video's here aren't your sort of thing I highly recommend

  • pavone

    , PerfectPhase wrote

    If the video's here aren't your sort of thing I highly recommend

    Seconded. Pluralsight is the best video store for MS stack devs, I cannot stop going back to it. Clear concise explanations, that cover nearly everything you need to know to go from newbie to pro.  

  • MasterPi

    @Vaccano: What exactly do you want? Why don't you suggest to the C9 team topics to cover?

    Windows store apps will be a big thing for enterprise...aka, execs with tablets. I was in corporate training for Windows store apps this entire week - it's definitely relevant. 

    Cloud services is also pretty big.

  • Bas

    @Vaccano: The Lync stuff is about the Lync SDK and middle tier applications that do stuff like speech recognition, so yeah, it's about programming for Lync. Azure may not be something your enterprise is interested in, but it's one of the biggest enterprise technologies right now, so that's going to take up a lot of the spotlight.

    I think you have the wrong idea about TechEd though. If I look at the first page of sessions, I see two sessions about, yes, Windows store apps, but also about DAX, Windows Server 2012, cloud and on-premise data, SharePoint, ASP.NET MVC, et cetera. And that's page 1 of 61.

    Like I said, it's not 100% Enterprise or 100% consumer, but it seems like a pretty even mix to me, and this is just a sampling of the last two days of videos. Looking at TWC9 they cover VS2012, Azure, Bcl.Async, NFC, SharePoint, SharpDX.. plenty of non-metro stuff. I've recently watched some great videos about Async/await, Core C++, production environment debugging, etc.

  • vesuvius

    @Vaccano: I've got to say I agree, I am finding fewer and fewer content of any interest or application to my daily MS development.

    There was a time when Jaime Rodriguez, Tim Sneath, Yochay Kiriaty, Beth Massi, Daniel Moth and so on would post content regularly. It seems Charles is the only person generating must watch content and keeping the Channel 9 mantra, most of the tech stuff is bubble-gum technology, i.e. for people still eating bubble-gum or lasting just as long as a stick of it.

  • C9Matt

    , vesuvius wrote

    @Vaccano: I've got to say I agree, I am finding fewer and fewer content of any interest or application to my daily MS development.


    I remember back when C9 had loads of indepth information like how Windows worked internally (remember the ones from Patrick about the .NET GC, from the IE team about how IE worked, from Landy Wang about the Windows Memory Manager and from the UAC team about how that worked?)

    There is literally tons of information on the web about how to make games for phones. This was the only place that told us how Microsoft products work under the hood, not how to use frameworks if you can't be bothered to RTFM.

  • kettch

    @Vaccano: Ignoring TechEd for that reason seems silly. TechEd is almost entirely system administration stuff. I would at least watch the sessions. IMO anybody who ignores any training that's related to their job because they don't like the content (or what they perceive the content to be) has made themselves irrelevant. I once had a doctor's cleaning lady (long story) tell me that she would find his medical journals in the trash, unopened. That's scarier than missing a tech conference, but still somewhat comparable.

  • Vaccano

    @kettch - I was referring to going to the conference. I still plan to look at the on line sessions.

  • ScottWelker

    @Vaccano ++
    @vesuvius: ++

    ( With acknowledgement that Bas may be factually correct. However, perceptions sometime trump reality. )

    This consumer focus (Apple Envy) and corresponding direction worries me. While I still make my living in the MS ecosystem (Business Apps), I am hedging my bets and doing some recon (non-MS, non-Windows). Specifically, I just wiped Windows 8 (no real choice) from a new system and put CentOS on it, leveraging hardware/KVM virtualization - NICE! I am ramping up a dev stack too.

    So far though I must say MS really does still provide the superior experience. Were it not for prior Unix experience, I might not have persevered and resolved some of the issues encountered. User friendly it is not. Not nearly as smooth and polished as Windows either.

  • figuerres

    Yeah like the rest of the MS plan the focus right now is on selling the windows 8 as the new platform.

    and for my job that does zero.

    same for azure at this time.  nada.

    now if we could get the point of sale folks to talk about updating the POS library I would find that worth a look!  

  • felix9

    @figuerres: em, Windows 8.1 added POS API to the WinRT, is this what you are talking about ?



  • felix9

    @vesuvius: hmm, IIRC several years ago Charles 'confessed' in a video that its his 'fault' to turn C9 into a big Going Deep, full of hour long interviews and lectures, now we really missing those days, especially when even Charles is busy doing other stuff

  • exoteric

    A small feature would be to filter out topics not of interest to you, then all the developer content would appear much more massively Wink

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