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View Thread: IE 10 - Lovely win 7, Poor Win 8
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    , NitzWalsh wrote


    Indeed, and it's ridiculous.  Basically IE10 on Win7 looks a lot better. 

    Any other browser of courses uses DirectWrite with sub-pixel positioning on Win8, so basically IE10 on Win8 gives you the weakest font rendering - not exactly helping to spur adoption.  Just bizarre.

    Simple - they are doing everything to make the desktop look like *, to force a migration from it (to Toytro). That's why Aero is gone also, not to mention the usuability issues that are caused by the loss of start menu and the bizarre default image/video viewers in Win8. 

    Any other possible answer for all this? Sure, ONE element in this puzzle would mean not much, but all the pieces combined give a very clear picture. There are just too many of those to be a mere accident.

    The big problem with this though is that Windows 8's adoption isn't stellar, Win7 (even Vista) gives the better desktop experience, thus the upgrade pace is slow. They want to do a successful "new coke" thing, yet they forgot that most customers have an "old coke" stock that lasts until 2020 and many of them don't like the new coke taste very much.

    , NitzWalsh wrote

    not exactly helping to spur adoption.  Just bizarre.

    Yeah, it's as if Mercedes would want to ditch all their models in favour of the Smart, and thus would start to cripple all their other models by turning them all into two-seaters and limiting them to 50 kilometres per hour, together with an ugly paint job. Problem is, most people have cars already! Enforcing stuff by making your current products bad is bizarre.

    This is a very obvious cynical strategy to force New Coketro, but also a very clumsy one.