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View Thread: IE 10 - Lovely win 7, Poor Win 8
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    , CaRDiaK wrote

    You were hardly constructive towards my topic, but I am sorry I have annoyed you. In my defence, I think more has been assumed of me here more than anything else.. but if I had achieved what you have, after all that hard work, I would have been more of an ambassador at least. There are things that all of us would like to know more about, there is no shame in asking.

    OK true, and apologies.

    However I'm not on the IE team, and frankly I like to have fun when posting here. You won't hear me say anything on behalf of MS because the stuff I do isn't public facing at all. If I had to have a serious face when posting here I don't think I'd post ever. I'd like to think I can be human, regardless of my employer.