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View Thread: IE 10 - Lovely win 7, Poor Win 8
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    *sigh* indeed. In 2004 this was the backdoor to MS to hear from the devs the news and opinions on exciting stuff.. long has that gone. I had a valid point to start a conversation or ask a question which is what this place was originally intended for, the behind the scenes stuff that were cool for geeks.

    I already know that anything you said Barry, is your opinion. Just as every other post I read on every other forum or social site. But you are in a special position which you worked hard for.. like others. Which I now find harder due to changes I understand nothing, but am curious about. It's curiosity that drove many of us here.  

    You were hardly constructive towards my topic, but I am sorry I have annoyed you. In my defence, I think more has been assumed of me here more than anything else.. but if I had achieved what you have, after all that hard work, I would have been more of an ambassador at least. There are things that all of us would like to know more about, there is no shame in asking.