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    , magicalclick wrote


    Yes, and what's the point to remove the malware? I can remove it and IE remains damaged. The reality is, I don't know I actually removed malware or not, because IE has never been recovered to test it out. I cannot confirm it is re-infected when I cannot recover it in the first place.

    ? The same could be said of Firefox. As Sven said, there are cases where uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling it doesn't clear the problem.

    If you don't know if your computer is still infected, blitz the operating system. It's better to have a "known clean" operating system with none of your settings than to be typing your banking password into a browser that unbeknownst to you is sending it to evil hackers in Russia.

    If IE is still broken when you run it without plugins, you badly need to reinstall Windows; even if you could just reinstall IE you'd only be hiding the problem.