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    As much as I like IE, it failed badly and my friend cannot use it. Went to my friends house to fix his IE9. It takes forever to open up and some sites are screwed. One site in particular just keep show error popup, click ok another one pop up. Factory reset doesn't fix it. I ended up doing an image restore to recover it back to the day we bought the notebook. And problem finally goes away. Sure, people like to attack IE, but, IE should have an isolated image to recover. Everyone just said, install Firefox or Chrome, which is true, at least they works. And on the side notes, they really need to release a Quirkless IE. It is so stupid to go to some sites and ended up with Quirks mode when IE9 doc mode works perfectly fine. It is ridiculous from user perspective. Well, it is not ridiculous, most people just conclude IE doesn't work.