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    Dude. Even Microsoft purists know that IE is crap. It's just a fact of life. Whenever I get a new machine, it's a mad dash with IE to get to the Mozilla site to download FF. When you do load it up, your view is blocked by so many toolstrips and menu bars, you can only view the last inch and a half of the screen.

    Your problem was IE and your antivirus. They both failed you. Well, your "Friend" lol. Kidding.

    Just please. Stick with FireFox, one day MS might wise up and start de-crapifying internet explorer, but until that day, it's just a glichy, over advertised, ad checker.

    If i wanted to book a hotel room while googling puppies, and Asking Jeeves how to do my taxes IE would be perfect.


    Once you go FireFox, you never go back.

    I am sorry MS gods that monitor this site, but you know it's true. Hell, ever the miscrosoft website was running UNIX for the longest time as it's back bone. That being said. Visual Studio is AMAZING, and Window 7 and XP are the bomb. I hope that appeases my slamming of your IE. But you know it's true.