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IE is Back!! Internet Explorer 9 RC Is coming

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    I'm still getting the bug where the browser refuses to display pictures embedded in web pages (and the ShowPicture command does nothing), and I must duplicate the tab anywhere from 1 to 4 times in order to get a tab to come up that will again display the pictures.

    I reported this to Connect as a bug against IE9 beta, and it was closed as a duplicate, but it's still not fixed. 

    I got the problem all the time with IE9 beta (never with IE7 or IE8), then I installed IE9RC1 expecting it to be fixed, and I didn't run into the problem for the first two days, but then sure enough, the bug has started occurring again.  I stopped using IE9 beta because of this, and as good as IE9 RC1 is, I won't use it if this bug isn't killed; I don't have the patience to jump through hoops to use a browser.

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    Further to my issue of not getting any favicon.ico for any website in IE9 RC (even afer removing IE9 and reverting back to IE8 then installing IE9 RC again) I also now cannot run IE9 RC 64bit, it displays the window ant the address bar as if it is loading, then it just disapears.

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    @Duncan.McGregor:Have you used the feedback item in the tools menu to report these bugs?

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    @kettch:Have done. It seems to work fine on a colleague’s machine.

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