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    @cheong: I was trying to be funny and don't know anyone with a Windows Phone. I work for a company with hundreds of employees and literally only thee people had one. One of the guys left the company, another ended-up getting a iPhone, and I returned mine after two weeks.

    Which makes me wonder, what kind of people are buying these?

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    There was a big lineup at the Nokia store in Shanghai the other day when the Lumia 920 went on sale for the first time.  They sold out in 2 hours.  That's just one example.... they've been selling very well all over the world.

    I've had my Lumia 920 for a month now and it is hands-down the best smartphone I've ever used.  Everyone who tries it out, even folks who have a Galaxy S III, is shocked at how fast IE is.  I will agree that the back/forward situation within IE isn't the greatest (personally I think swiping would work best) but a system-wide back button is a great idea, especially when moving back and forth between a few apps.