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IE10 Platform preview

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    Wonder if they'll finally update the settings UI this time.

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    I hope so as well. Those things are so year 1990s.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    Maybe they will do IE releases every 3 months. It's the fashionable thing to do (Mozilla and Google are doing it). Smiley

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    @Bass: No way in hell would Microsoft ever be able to release on that schedule. You might think that IE is a stand-alone program in much the same way that Visual Studio or Firefox are, but IE is used everywhere. Yahoo messenger, Windows Messenger, Visual Studio 2k8's help, HTML Help, Windows Media Player, .NET's WebBrowser control, Silverlight's WebBrowser control (listed seperately because they're different objects), Firefox's IE tab plugin, Channel 4's old 4oD player to name just a few.

    If you run Windows, I would put money on you having used IE today, even if you don't use IE as your main browser.

    IE is basically a core system component on Windows, and bugs (particularly security bugs), obsoleted features and new features affect the stability and usablility of your entire system.

    If Microsoft moved to the micro-update model of Chrome or Firefox, they'd be constantly screwing with developers and users whose programs would be changing underneath them.

    My bet's on IE10 being run on roughly the same sort of timescale that IE9 was - I'd expect private alphas around September time, betas in October/November, an RC in late Feb next year and an RTM about mid way through next year, probably coinciding with a release of Win8.

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    I believe they should decouple IE such that you can install a version of it without it replacing the core OS rendering functionality. You can already do it today with the platform previews. Why not keep the same standalone mechanism for the final shipping version and then update the core OS separately?

    The core OS rendering functionality could then be updated on a slower schedule, maybe the same as the the rest of the OS (main releases plus service packs, and monthly patches if needed).

    Then you can do things like install IE6 for intranet use and at the same time use IE9 or IE10 for web browsing.

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    @BitFlipper: It all boils down to the fact that Internet Explorer isn't a program, it's a bucket of interacting COM objects. iexplore doesn't know how to parse HTML or render HTML5 or run Javascript or send HTTP requests. Each of these functionalities are provided by different COM objects and are then reused across the system (the Javascript one is reused by WScript for instance, which is used by lots of sysadmins and the HTTP one (WinInet and WinHTTP) is reused by everyone including Google Chrome and Windows Update).

    Allowing side-by-side installations of IE is possible albeit usually unnecessary, but when you upgrade IE with for example a security patch you're also upgrading all of the other components on your system which use IE to avoid getting malware via that vulnerability. If IE was either statically compiled in, or you got whatever version of IE was the latest when the program you're currently using is released this makes it much easier for malware authors to compromise your system, since they only have to compromise your least secure version of IE, rather than your most secure one.

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    IE has a compatibility mode which will render the old intranet pages properly (most of the time).

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