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View Thread: IE10 for Win7 - anyone installed yet?
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    , cheong wrote

    Brief testing show that many of our coperate web applications won't work (I mean... won't even login) unless I put IE10 into compatibility view... that means I have to find out why and rework the login code afterwards... Sad

    EDIT: Apparently the jQuery UI widget is broken in IE10 so the project selection overlay screen cannot be shown, so the web applications stay in the login page as if they haven't login... have to wait until they fixed it.

    A brief followup on accusing IE10 not working.

    After installed .NET framework update for the web server, the controls rendered successfully without compatibility view.

    If your web server need to support clients who might run IE10, I highly recommand you to update your webserver.

    Depending on your web server's patch level, running KB update for updaing browser profile may not work for you. The .NET framework extender update that comes with it makes all my .NET process crashes (with access violation in clr.dll) so I have to roll them back and install through normal WindowsUpdate process.

    Because of this, please remember to perform full backup of server before running this update.