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    ,figuerres wrote


    2) Silverlight V5 is porbably the last major version we will see.

    3) what was wpf and silverlight are now going to be "Windows XAML" for the markup side and pick a language for the client code, C# etc...

    These I agree with because of the following:

    1) The move of Scott Gu to Azure(who the Hell is his predecessor anyways?)

    2) The move of the WPF team to WinDiv keeping Silverlight in DevDiv. (Or is it a brain fart and the other way around? =) )

    3) Deprecation of plugins in IE 10.

    So it looks like WPF was sucked into the Windows OS as this new WinRT.

    I mainly ask because our main client for Silverlight is Microsoft itself. We've built some powerful LOB stuff with Silverlight. I guess the head scratcher is, what do we move to if we're not doing Silverlight LOB browser-based stuff? Metro apps(which would be Win8 only)? WPF desktop apps? Etc...?