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    I want to know if anyone else if running in to a problem I've had ever since installing IE9 beta, and if so, what they might have done to fix it.  My problem is that when loading any given web page, I'd estimate that there's a greater than 50% chance that IE9 will not display the pictures contained within that page.  Right clicking on the blank areas where the pictures should be and doing "Show Picture" does nothing.  If I execute the "Duplicate Tab" command a few times, eventually I'll get a tab that shows the page with the actual pictures.

    I put up with this for a while since this is beta, but I've grown sick of it.  I searched around the internet and saw a few posts about others having the problem, but no solutions.  At this point I'm ready to just uninstall this thing and go back to IE8; either that or just use Firefox 100% of the time (I currently split time between FF and IE).

    If anyone has any info on this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.