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IE9 stopped working after installing Bitdefender 2013

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  • RodAtWork

    I recently purchased Bitdefender Internet Suite 2013. On Saturday I uninstalled my old AV and put on Bitdefender. During the registration process, something went wrong, because after filling out the registration details, and then clicking on the submit button, the page just went blank. Now, I can't browse the web at all. My email still works; my IM still works; but browsing the Web is impossible. Last night I tried to see how extensive the problem was, by attempting to bring up the web interface to my router, but even that failed. I've called Bitdefender and left messages on their online web forms (using a different computer) in an attempt to get this problem resolved, but Bitdefender hasn't responded to any of my messages.

    I could uninstall Bitdefender, and I will if I don't get any help from them today, but before I do that I'd like to know how to get IE9 able to browse again.  

  • blowdart

    Did it set up a proxy by any chance? Check Tools / Internet Options / Connections / Lan Settings

  • PeterF

    Does System Restore provide any useful restore points?

  • GoddersUK

    @RodAtWork:What, if any, error message do you see? Can you browse in other browsers?

  • RodAtWork

    , blowdart wrote

    Did it set up a proxy by any chance? Check Tools / Internet Options / Connections / Lan Settings

    I've checked, and it hasn't set up a proxy.

  • RodAtWork

    , GoddersUK wrote

    @RodAtWork:What, if any, error message do you see? Can you browse in other browsers?

    There are no error messages at all.  It just never goes to any web page.

    I only have IE installed.  And naturally, now that I can't get to the web at all from the PC, I can't download anything else and put it there.

  • RodAtWork

    , PeterF wrote

    Does System Restore provide any useful restore points?

    I hadn't thought of doing a system restore.  What would happen, if I restored to some point before I took off the old AV and put on the new one, given that the old one isn't installed anymore and the new one is?

  • RodAtWork

    I should add that my email doesn't work, entirely.  What I mean is that I can receive emails, only.  If I attempt to send any email at all, it hangs and never exits.

  • Harlequin

    Think some weird things kill IE9 and IE in general. I'm using Chrome at home right now because IE9 just hangs when visiting a website. Repair/uninstall-reinstall...nothing I just switched browsers.

    Bitdefender does have a forum...maybe better to ask there:

  • RodAtWork

    @Harlequin: OK, but why would I not be able to send emails anymore?  IE isn't involved in the sending of emails, that I'm aware of.  (I'm using MS Outlook 2010 for my email client.)

    I wasn't aware of the forums for Bitdefender, thank you for pointing that out to me!

  • GoddersUK

    @RodAtWork: Does it just keep on loading (and presumably time out at some point)? Or is the content somehow not displaying? Have you checked whether it's installed any addons into IE?

    Have you tried Windows' built in "Diagnose and Repair" feature?

    You could try resetting Winsock and your TCP/IP stack. (Instructions here: (Although it's intriguing that your computer still appears to be connected to the internet... the above website also suggests turning protected mode off.)

    Finally can you download another browser on another PC and transfer it via flash drive and see if that works?

    Also what happens if you try a tracert or ping? Does the event log give you any clues?

  • ZippyV

    It's the firewall provided by Bitdefender. Can you access any dialog from Bitdefender?

  • Cluestick

    Sorry, new name as forum believes I'm someone else not sure what's happened, still, can't use IE no other browser but manages to post, OK could be a different machine but stinks of troll to me...

  • vbh

    try to run IE with all addons disabled.

    Start ie from a command prompt: iexplorer.exe -extoff

  • gogonow

    that's pretty good idea @vbh and also try to uninstal any toolbar or anything bitdefender installs cause it might be the problem with the IE.

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