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View Thread: IE9 stopped working after installing Bitdefender 2013
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    I recently purchased Bitdefender Internet Suite 2013. On Saturday I uninstalled my old AV and put on Bitdefender. During the registration process, something went wrong, because after filling out the registration details, and then clicking on the submit button, the page just went blank. Now, I can't browse the web at all. My email still works; my IM still works; but browsing the Web is impossible. Last night I tried to see how extensive the problem was, by attempting to bring up the web interface to my router, but even that failed. I've called Bitdefender and left messages on their online web forms (using a different computer) in an attempt to get this problem resolved, but Bitdefender hasn't responded to any of my messages.

    I could uninstall Bitdefender, and I will if I don't get any help from them today, but before I do that I'd like to know how to get IE9 able to browse again.