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    , brian.shapiro wrote


    Okay, so you're saying taxes should be higher because you're an anti-social a-hole who hates having to deal with people.

    Well, yes, that's one way of looking at it.  Another way would be that I'm an anti-social a-hole that would very much like to solve these social issues but recognizes that there are more efficient ways to do this.  

    I bet you complain about people trying to get you to sign ballot initiatives also, and people trying to get third parties on the ballot. And want the city to clean up the streets to get rid of homeless beggars.

    I think you failed to grasp what I'm having a problem with.  The sheer volume of the 'give to the needy' requests have quadrupled since last year.  I'd rather pay taxes that are used to address social problems like lack of food, clothing, housing, etc.