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    @W3bbo: That is such a

    , W3bbo wrote


    Well then, go use the democratic process to fix things.

    I still think you worry unnecessarily.

    Vive la Yurop!

    That is such a cop-out. If voting could change anything for the better, it would be illegal. No people I've voted for (or would vote for) ever wins enough seats to provide any counter-balance to the avalanche of assholes. I am effectively disenfranchised. People like me have no real voice in a democracy. The only hope for us is secession (at least, on a personal level), but since that WOULD actually change things for the better, it IS illegal. Nowadays people who have more than, what, 14 days of food?, is considered a terrorist suspect.

    Now, it is hard to explain to your typical democracy ideologue what it is like to be disenfranchised. Democracy ideologues, being the morons they are, are always in numerous company. They decide the elections typically, and can't see why anyone would object to a system that works so much in their perceived favor. They don't understand that democracy does not work for people other than themselves. Definitionally, the smarter people are always in the smaller minority. Smarter people refuse to live under perceptions of reality that have been warped into absurdity.

    Non-idealogues know that freedom is more important than democracy, and that democracy tends to erode freedom more than protect it. But again, the people who know this are those who buck the prevailing mass culture and instead embrace the honest, if unpleasant, truth. They don't live in a simplistic fairy tale where the voting machine has a magical lever that will balance the world. These people, unfortunately, will always be in the minority. Which is why your pat answer is total bullshit. So maybe you can understand why such a statement is so fundamentally insulting.

    The bottom line is that the problems caused by ideologies such as democracy cannot be fixed by piling more of it on. The answer is freedom, and that takes real individual action rather than what amounts to a political form of masturbation.

    As to worry, I am not worried. I am pissed. I am outraged. And I am waiting and slowly preparing for the day I won't have to take this bullshit from Washington any more. And so is much of the rest of the country and likely the rest of the world. So pardon me for not sedating myself with fairy tales; I'm through.