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View Thread: I'd rather just pay more taxes
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    , brian.shapiro wrote


    More efficient or less annoying?

    Both.  I'll not apologize for being annoyed by solicitations for money. 

    But what exactly are you proposing? We already have a safety net, Congress has extended unemployment insurance, people can get Medicaid if they need help, or help from many state-funded private organizations (states fund homeless shelters, free clinics, and housing projects). The federal government, states, and municipal governments are already running large deficits, its not that we need taxes; we're paying for it without the tax revenue. Cities that are creating new fines generally pay things through things like fines or services in the first place,.. cities don't do income, sales, or property taxes.. those are left to the federal or state governments. 

    I'm proposing what I pretty much said, twice, already: return to paying taxes at a reasonable level so that we fund social programs that currently aren't able to cover the spread.

    And, I'm not sure where you got information about how funding works below the federal level, but you're certainly not describing reality where I live.